Batman Arkham Knight – Outsource Action-Adventure video game
Battlefield 4 – 3D video outsourcing game
Assassin's Creed Syndicate – Adventure video game

Welcome to Fanatics India

Fanatics India, Ludhiana very first Gaming hub. Our mission is to revolutionize the gaming industry in India by giving people an opportunity to experience quality gaming. We strive to integrate, educate and share our collective knowledge by: EXPERIENCE Incite your gaming experience through our competitive gaming machines, VR technology, new gaming product testing and the latest electronic games all under one roof. LEARN To edify and to remove the stigma of our community towards the gaming industry and to foster young talented gamers to international levels. SHARE Expand your network by getting to know people who share the love of gaming like you, through our in-house tournaments, events and meet-ups. Subsequently improving and growing the gaming industry.


Gaming Machines


VR Gaming

A State-of-the-Art Gaming Arena where you get the chance to play hard, test the latest tech and join other likeminded gamers across platform including PC. It’s an opportunity to catch up and challenge pals in person, not over a headset, because gaming together is altogether better.Fanatics are an advanced company specialized in outsourcing gaming.We convey high league and tournament quality gaming resources for our customers allover the world. We concentrated on quality and speed of games, we have bolstered numerous PC games. On a field of cell phone applications and games, we can give to our customers the level outline idea and its resulting usage.


Casual play Casual Video Game play

Fanatics India is a gaming based Company placed in Ludhiana, we provide casual video game to gamers on PC with 3D effects. Casual player could plays puzzle, card game, and many other online games in web browsers.

Online Multi Player Online, LAN and Virtual reality Play – Fanatics Games

We provide best multiplayer games for online players. We provide all sizes and shapes of multiplayer game on PC. In a multiplayer game multiple players connect with other in a web browser and challenge to another for play game.

Tournaments Leagues & Tournaments – Fanatics Games

We do also organize a variety of tournaments, leagues and single play games for players. Anyone who is put interested in tournament and league games today contact with us +91 88720-72210!

LAN Multi Player LAN Multiplayer Video Games

Fanatics India offers Battlefield 1, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Dota 2, Far cry 4, FIFA 17, For Honor, Grand Theft Auto 5, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, and Rocket League such LAN multiplayer games in Ludhiana.

LAN Leagues & Tournaments Online, LAN and Virtual reality Play – Fanatics Games

A fanatic India is offers the best high quality LAN league and tournament games organised in India. We have play LAN leagues and tournaments games in PC around with other peoples.

Virtual Reality Play Online, LAN and Virtual reality Play – Fanatics Games

Now we provide the Climb, Minecraft VR, Hover Junkers,and such types of virtual games in PC. Fanatics India are specialised company for VR games in Ludhiana.

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