Fanatics Games


Batman Arkham Knight – Outsource Action-Adventure video game

Batman Arkham Knight

Battlefield 4 – 3D video outsourcing game

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 1- 3D shooter game outsourcing


Counter Strike Global Offensive – Multiplayer Shooter Video Game

Counter Strike Global Offensive

Death By Daylight – 3D Horror Video Game

Death By Daylight

Dota 2 – Multiplayer online battle arena video game

Dota 2

Far cry 4 – 3D shooter video game

Farcry 4

Far Cry Primal - Action-Adventure video game

Far Cry Primal

Fifa 17 – 3D sport video game

Fifa 17

For Honor – 3D  fighting video game

For Honor

Grand theft auto – Adventure video game

Grand Theft Auto 5

Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain – Adventure stealth video game

Metal Gear solid 5 Phantom pain

Mirror's Edge Catalyst – 3D Video game

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Mortal Kombat X – Fighting Video Game

Mortal Kombat X

Overwatch – 3D shooter Video game


Project Cars – 3D racing video game

Project cars

Rainbow Six Siege – 3D shooter video game

Rainbow Six Siege

Rise Of The Tomb Raider – 3D adventure video game

Rise of the tomb raider

Rocket League - soccer video game

Rocket League

Shadow Of Mordor - Action-adventure video game

Shadow of Mordor

Star Wars Battlefront – Shooter video game

Star Wars Battlefront

Tekken7 - fighting game


Titanfall2 - shooter video game


The Witcher Wild Hunt - action role-playing video game

The Witcher Wild Hunt